What is the cheapest way to get gold?

Pure gold bars are cheaper because of their lower premium. Buying in bulk allows you to pay a lower premium than the spot price. For this reason, gold coins generally cost more than gold bars. Another simple principle is that buying in bulk is practically always cheaper.

Most dealers offer a lower premium per ounce (or whatever unit of weight you measure) when you buy a certain amount of ingots at a time. By buying Good Delivery gold from the professional market, you save at least 7% on the cost of small coins or ingots. And when you sell, you'll also get the best price, because Good Delivery gold is the only gold you can easily sell in professional markets around the world, where sales prices are higher. Buying in bulk from an ingot dealer is one of the most economical ways to purchase gold from an expert seller.

A bullion dealer would be more likely to reduce their profit margin a little to make a big sale. Some transportation and storage costs for gold are fixed, so buying a large quantity of gold means that these costs contribute to reducing the price per ounce. At first glance, gold bars seem to be the cheapest investment when buying gold; however, unlike buying gold coins, a person would not get a discount if they bought in bulk. The cheapest way to buy gold is to buy it in ingots, krugerrands (a South African gold coin) and sovereigns.

Always use the method described above and you will never go wrong when searching for the cheapest gold products. For large gold investors or traders, gold bars may be a good investment and one of the cheapest ways to buy gold, but for the individual investor, due to the things mentioned above, they may not be a good investment. Looking for the cheapest way to buy gold can leave investors vulnerable to scams and criminal activity.

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