How much gold should a d&d party have?

At the beginning of level 5, they should have approximately 700 gold each and, at the end, 3000 gold each, so they earn a total of around 2300 gold. Spend your gold paying for someone's house, adding extravagance to their wedding, or sending your gifted son to wizarding school. For higher-level characters, it obviously wouldn't make sense to start with less than 200 pieces of gold in wealth and equipment. The equipment and the gold your players have at the start can be fundamental to the balance of your game.

Referring back to the book %26 followers of Strongholds, you can make good use of followers with your gold and wealth. It's a simple way for players to spend their gold gradually while playing without having to interrupt their adventures to go shopping. However, for more advanced DMs, and even for players, resources other than gold or magic items can be a great way to create a backstory, a narrative and build your character's character. For level 1 characters, figuring out your initial wealth can be as simple as rolling a few dice or figuring out how many pieces of gold your fund gives you.

If you pay for your lifestyle expenses, the DM could hand hand you certain checks or allow you to assume that you have certain items, resources or contacts in a time of need. What I mean is that DMs can allow you to use gold to advance the plot and, at the same time, get magic items that suit you. That said, any tips for adjusting the difficulty of encounters for astute groups or very well-equipped groups? I think the easiest way is to add one or two levels to each character when calculating the budgets for the encounters, do you agree? I've never had trouble spending my gold at high or low levels of play, so I want to share how I spend it on my D%26D 5e games. When you understand the role that initial magic and gold items play in DnD, you can start considering alternatives.

If you misunderstand this table and think that it's about the amount of wealth you'll have per level, you'll end up in a strange situation where from level 1 to 4 you won't win any gold and, on level 5, you'll win 500 + 1d10 * 25 gold. My goal is to help the DMs make players use their wealth in an exciting way and to inspire them to find creative and industrial uses for their gold.

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